Haus Der Kunst: Nazis, art and the subversion of evil


Before I came to Munich, the only thing I really knew about it was that Hitler had really liked the place and he staged two art exhibitions in Munich in 1937.

These exhibitions were the Degenerate art exhibition, which featured modern art, and the Great German art exhibition, which featured Nazi approved ‘pure’ art. The latter included work by Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, and even Nazi supporter Emil Nolde. Hitler did not like most modern art, thinking it confusing, subversive and impure, and he used the exhibition to try and defame and mock it. He thought art should be pleasant to look at and have an uplifting, Nazi supportive message.

He wasn’t alone either, a lot of people didn’t like modern art at the time and the term ‘degenerate’ used to describe wasn’t exactly new, nor was it first used by the Nazis.

The Great German art exhibition, which took place in…

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Munich, love and the beauty of anti social people.


Munich is a truly beautiful place.

Although a lot of it was destroyed during world war 2, they rebuilt most of the city to look like its former self and so although many of the buildings are new, the architecture looks authentic and old with only the very occasional tower block to spoil the otherwise fantastic view.

You have wonderfully big parks, massive churches, city walls, fountains, lots and lots of pubs, free music events, art galleries and even outdoor surfing. Before I went to Munich, all I really knew about it was the Degenerate and Great German art exhibitions (see my next post), but I fell in love with this city and hope I will be able to visit it again in the future.

There were, however, some rather strange moments in Munich.

My first day, much like in Cologne, was  quite uneventful. Although my hostel (Wombats) was literally…

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An ode to Munich’s vegan kebab


Until last week, I had never eaten a kebab.

That is, I have had some bread and potato substitute thing that said it was a kebab, but nothing that actually looked like your standard meaty doner kebab in the regular sense. Having no desire to eat meat, this has never really phased me, but after enough nights out that ended with all my friends going to the kebab shop and having a massive feast and me looking sadly down at my little portion of chips, I’ve always been interested in trying one.

All that changed when I came to  Munich and discovered that half way in between the ZOB bus station and Munich’s Haupbanhoff (central station) there is a fully vegetarian and optionally vegan kebab shop!


I walked past it on my first day in Munich, but as I had a massive back pack and no idea where I was…

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Cologne part 1: Cathedrals, theft and male strippers


Well Germany has certainly been eventful.

I’ve seen some beautiful things, I’ve met some very interesting people (including Egyptians, South Koreans and German male strippers),  I’ve drunk some of the best beer in the world, I’ve been robbed…

Let’s start at the beginning shall we.

I arrived at the Meininger Hostel in Cologne last Thursday after a nine hour coach journey that went through London, France, Belgium and Germany. The first day was pretty uneventful; the hostel was a few underground stops away from central Cologne and, whilst it’s easy to navigate if you know where you’re going, when you first arrive and have no idea what’s going on it can be damn confusing. I got there in one piece though and just had time to go for a wander around the area and stumble upon a little castle type thing literally five minutes away from the hostel.

The next…

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London to Cologne


My time in Australia may be over, but I enjoyed travelling solo so much whilst I was over there that I’m already at it again! This time it’s a little closer to home, so close in fact that you can catch a bus all the way there. I’m currently travelling from London to Cologne via megabus.


The Mega bus takes you from London Victoria  into Kent (at one point we were actually in my own bourough of Bexley) and then into Folkstone, where we all had to run off the bus to get our passports checked. From there the bus went into a weird massive portable tube thing (pictured above) that takes you to France.

I didn’t see any sea but presumably you have to go under the channel to get there. Getting to France took about three hours, which is quicker than it takes to get a bus to…

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The end (for now)


So folks, that’s it for my Australia trip! I spent the last two days in Australia going out all night (we got back at 5am one night and 8am the next night!) with my cousin and her boyfriend/friends, and sleeping all day.


We went to a local pub on the first night, which was a lot of fun and also an eye opener. They close the main pub off at about 12am and leave the bar next to the casino open till about 3, and even though Australia has such strict smoking rules you are allowed to smoke and drink all night in the casino bit which is conveniently attached to almost every pub in the country.  Every country has a few vice’s, and gambling is one of Australia’s biggest. It was a rowdy and crazy night where I met more Australian men then I ever have before in my…

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