I’ve been blogging for a while now and I absolutely love it. Not only is blogging good for honing journalism skills and building my lazy vegetarian meal ideas cookery empire, but it encourages the blogger to try new things, to see new shows, try new recipes and travel to new places, because not only do you want to experience them for yourself but you want to share them with the world and thanks to our quickly advancing and slightly concerning in certain aspects technology, we can do just that.

I’m all over the internet.

I mentioned above that I’m a freelance writer. I have actually started writing full time, and I am involved in a lot of different projects. I am a book reviewer, and I run a book review website that is funded by my affiliates Amazon and Book Club reads. You can find my book review website here, and like my Facebook page for all the latest updates on my book reviews and other articles.

I run three of my own blogs; My main one (i.e this one), a vegetarian cooking/lifestyle blog, and a travel blog.

I’ve been running the lazyvegetarianmealideas recipe series for over a year, and I focus on affordable, easy and tasty vegetarian/vegan recipes that are full of flavour and health. I am a lacto-vegetarian, and although I share other people’s recipes frequently and some of them may be a bit eggy, I never ever personally cook, touch or even look at eggs. Follow my cooking blog by going to https://lazyvegetarianmealideas.wordpress.com/

Since leaving my 9-5:30 job in March I’ve been travelling quite a lot, and I have a travel blog to document all my trips and experiences. So far I’ve been to Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Mexico, and Amsterdam. I’m planning on doing a trip across America from New York-California and a European trip from London to Transylvania/Greece before the years out. Keep up to date with my travels by going to https://theflyingvegetarian.wordpress.com/

Other publications

I write articles for various websites, and you can find some of my work below.





I post almost daily food pictures on Instagram (and update it with all my travel photos) so for more foodie/wanderlust inspiration follow me.



54 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! I love the simple elegant design of your blog. As a fellow adventurer in training, also hoping to one day travel the world full-time, I hope we can be blogging buddies.

    Thanks for stopping by miss-adventure.com!


    • Its okay 🙂 thanks for commenting. Tim Hunt is a 72 year old British scientist who gave an interview in South Korea about women in science, in which he said: “Here is my problem with girls. You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and if you criticize them they cry.” After that there was a twitter storm about what he said, and a bunch of female scientists started #distractinglysexy, which was quite funny and largely intended as a joke. However, he has since been forced to resign from UCL, lost his position in the Royal Society and has been subject to a strong backlash where it seems he is being blamed for all the problems that female scientists face today, especially by certain female journalists. My article isn’t saying what he said was good, it was clearly insulting and stupid, but the reaction has been far too extreme. All the sources I have seen suggest he helped male and female scientists in their careers, he never suggested women shouldn’t be scientists, and it does appear that he was making a joke and then went on in the rest of the speech to praise female scientists in Korea. Scapegoating men who haven’t done anything that bad (and I’m sorry, I don’t think saying that girls cry is particularly shocking or horrendous, slightly annoying but hardly a big deal) doesn’t help the position of women in society, and its getting really childish and annoying.


  2. Hi! Thank you for visiting my page! You have an amazing blogsite! I am a new blogger and it will be very much appreciated if you would do a shout out for me. Thank you! I look forward to reading your future posts. 🙂


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m enjoying reading through yours, good luck with the life plan- may you become a famous travel blogger some day! In the meantime, enjoy your office job, and keep blogging :o) And Thanks for filling us in about who Tim Hunt is. My husband is a scientist, and I’ve heard a lot about equality in the labs over the years from his work friends.

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  4. Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs – Miscellaneous Eclectica. I hope you enjoy my bits and pieces. My travel blog is Flying Goannes. Do drop in if you’re interested. I love your ambition of being paid to travel and write about it. Perhaps if I’d had that goal at a young age I would have achieved it by now. It remains a dream. In the meantime I’m working for my holidays and travelling vicariously with other bloggers like you. Looking forward to reading more.


    • Thanks 🙂 I’m glad to be of any help, often people can be turned off by complicated and specific recipes so hopefully my blog can help those less confident in the kitchen to make really good and simple meals 🙂


  5. Very pleased to have found your blog, I’ve especially enjoyed some of the political/social stuff. Frankly, it’s refreshing to see another young person who does not reflexively follow the “austerity is bad, Tories are evil” mindset just because those opinions are currently in fashion. Thinking for yourself, as you clearly do, will see you go far in life, I have no doubt.

    Also, your basmati rice recipe looks awesome.

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    • Haha yeah, I don’t like it when people start arguing against something just because its a Tory policy without necessarily looking into it. I wouldn’t agree with everything they say, but I’m not going to dismiss something just because it came from them

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  6. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like you’ve got a really interesting site here yourself. I need to brush up on my English politics, and your latest post looks like a good place to start.

    And also: Kudos to you for being so fair-minded. A lot of us in the United States could do with a dose of that as well.


  7. hi thanks for liking my blog post. i know its just daily ramblings though. I see you are based in London and Im in Cambridge, we could be friends and meet sometime hehe 🙂 blogger friends as well 🙂


  8. Hi Sophia – I’m glad you liked my post for Cod with Avocado and tarragon mustard, but as you say that you are interested in travel you, might find my ‘Paris on a budget’ posts more interesting, and the very early blogs that explain about my life as ‘Une Petite Anglaise’ in France. Good look with the blog – you sound just like me at your age x


  9. Sophia, thank you for stopping by my new(ish) blog, Jock’s Family Kitchen and for liking my post on Food as Medicine. You certainly have some interesting and thought provoking posts on your blog. I was about your age when I embarked upon the nomadic phase of my life which lasted about 15 years. I wish you well on your travels. As I always told my daughter growing up, life is not a spectator sport. Experience it. Bon Chance!


  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sounds like we are quite similar, and have set up our blogs to discuss similar things (I focus on travel, food and drink and a general life section which is mainly opinion pieces). Good luck with your new blogging venture and I hope it takes you to lots of exciting places!

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  11. Hey! I love the simple design of your blog and look forward to exploring it some more! 🙂 We seem to have quite similar blogging ideas…I blog about quite a wide variety of things including travel, theatre, music, literature and my general ramblings! Anyway…thank you for stopping by Musings in Milan and for the like on my recent post! 🙂


  12. I think you need to watch what you say. You talk utter crap and you will be a very hated person if you start saying bout putting refugees on our countryside, they are what’s great about this country and all we have left plus good for tourism and money. Your to young and don’t know shit.


    • I can’t imagine that the parts of the country side I was talking about would generate much tourism or money, as they tend to be literally in the middle of nowhere with no shops/hotels for a few miles either side, so although some people do hike there they tend to live locally or be visiting people who already live near the area. I strongly doubt many people go to England for those particular fields, and would love for you to prove otherwise. I also didn’t say we should get rid of all the country side, or even half or a third. But I don’t see how building houses on a few of these fields is really going to make a difference, especially as the fields in question will either be next to a town or city anyway and therefore would just be enlarging an already urban area, or they will be in the middle of nowhere and would still be surrounded by country side if they happened to be built. No one is saying the countryside is going anywhere, and I don’t really see why someone would hate me for suggesting we could house some vulnerable people on a bit of it. We need more houses to be built, and this is just one suggestion for how you could do that and some statistics on how little it would actually make a negative difference on rural areas. However, if they do decide to hate me for caring more about housing refugees and meeting our obligations as human beings and as an EU country then I do about a few fields no one visits, then that’s fine. In fact getting these kind of reactions is a very good thing, and anyone who wants to hate me please feel more than welcome to do so: As long as you comment and provoke discussions, that’s all I really care about. Also I may be young, but I’m not *too* young to have informed opinions.


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  14. Hey Sophia, from Australia to London, I think your blog looks great. I’m also new to blogging but have been writing for years. It’s only been the last few that I’ve started writing (and finally getting published) for Aussie mags and now I thought I’d try a blog. Good luck to you and keep on writing!

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  15. Thanks very much for the like. Fairly new to blogging so still finding my feet. I really like your blog by the way and the design is very easy on the eye and fun to look at, cheers, Ned. 🙂 thewayofthesquirrelbooks.com

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  16. Hi Sophia, I’m happy you liked my latest post. I went through your blog, reading a few articles you wrote. I enjoyed the way you take humane, moderate stances on many issues, backing your positions with clear, thoughtful developments. My family’s French but I still have some folk in East Dulwich, next time I cross the chalikennel I’ll let you know in case you fancy meeting up in London. Cheers and continue blogging!

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