Why America Should Legalise drugs (non-stoner reasons).


Happy belated 420 everyone.

I just wrote an article about why America should legalise drugs. Most of the reasons people tend to come up with is a person’s rights over their own body, the ridiculousness of criminalising something that only ‘harms’ yourself, and the relative safety regarding certain illegal substances (like marijuana) as opposed to legal substances (like alcohol).

These are all very true, but I thought I would try and get away from the personal reasons and focus on how legalising drugs could have huge positive ramifications on America’s messed up prison system, disproportionate representation of African Americans in American prisons, the fact that the punishment often does not fit the crime, how legalising drugs could help with overcrowding, how many Americans are actually in jail because of drug-related offences etc.

I am not from America. I should also admit that I have not been to America so a lot of my information comes from articles, statistics and Orange Is The New Black. If anyone is from the states and/or knows about the prison system and has any comments on my article or the issues relating to drugs, racism, prisons and crime please let me know!

Check out my article by clicking here or going to https://mcxv.com/real-reason-drugs-legalised-america-no-dont-just-want-get-high/ 


So … Donald Trump eh?

I wrote my first ever article about Donald Trump yesterday. It’s hard to know what is actually going on with him and his supporters if you a: don’t live in America and b: tend to only hear very anti-Trump opinions. I attempted to be as objective as you can be with someone like that and read his campaign policies to get an idea of what he wants to do with his time in office. I got the policies from politiplatform.com and some don’t appear on his official website, but they are all based on things he has said. Obviously, people are getting quite hysterical about him and it’s hard to tell what’s actually going to happen, but from the looks of it, things are likely to get worse.

Read my full article here. 

It hasn’t even been a month yet and already the immigration ban, ongoing commitment to the Mexican wall and refusal to fund foreign organisations which even /mention/ the word abortion has got a lot of people quite understandably scared, and judging from some of his policies and statements things are going to get scarier. Is anyone from America? What do you think of Trump? Are you scared? Do you support him? What on earth is goin on?



Days 22/24: Sofia

Europe via Bus

Has anyone binge watched Bates Motel recently? I spent about four days finishing all four seasons (40 episodes) of that show and now my life feels slightly wrong. I wrote a thing about it in an attempt to make myself feel productive, and the thing was written on one of the new websites I am now collaborating with!

Some of you may have guessed that I’m back from my Europe trip. To be totally and utterly honest with you I’ve been back for some time. Since the 22nd of November to be exact. The trouble with travel blogging is that it’s all well and good when everything is still there and fresh in your mind, but when you go home and start settling back into ‘real’ life it can be hard to remember what it was like to be travelling. You remember what happened, but you can’t quite…

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Lazy Vegetarian Meal Ideas #36: Mixed Vegetable Pasta Dish


I got the idea for this meal from the ‘Simply Vegetarian’ recipe book which I got for Christmas, but I added quite a lot of extras. If you come across this book I totally recommend it.

I’ve been sick for the last week and I haven’t been able to go food shopping or cook much of anything, so now that I’m (almost) healthy again I ran out and got all the vegetables I could carry and stuffed them into this tasty pasta dish.
What you need: Pasta (I used a mixture of shells and penne), a handful of broccoli florets, a chopped pepper, a handful of halved cherry tomatoes, frozen green beans, a chopped red chilli, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds (optional), garlic (crushed or puree), olive oil.

Spices: Dried basil, salt and pepper.

1: Cook the pasta as per cooking instructions. When the pasta has been cooking for…

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Lazy vegetarian Christmas: Roast Potatoes, Puff Pastry Shepherds Pie and how to make the most out of your sprouts.


Hello everyone! This blog has been a bit inactive lately as I spent a monthtravelling through Europe and during that time I was running a travel blog, then I had work and since Christmas I would love to say I’ve been busy running around spreading cheer but in reality I’ve been lying in bed watching far too much TV. I’m going to start updating this blog more regularly in the new year and although I’m sure you’re all sick of Christmas food I’m going to start with what I made for me and my (omnivore) parents on Christmas day.

Herby Roast Potatoes

Roast Potatoes are one of the most delicious and easy things to cook at any time of the year, but they’re also quite easy to get wrong. The moment when you bite into a beautiful potato just to realise that it hasn’t cooked properly is a…

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Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas eve! This year has gone scarily quickly and I know a lot of you can’t wait for this year to be over. Some of us (like me!) have had a great year and others have really, really not but hopefully we can still all spend tomorrow celebrating what we have in our lives right now.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! 

Seasons greetings from London.


Day 19: Bucharest

Europe via Bus

This has been the worst day of my trip by far.

It started off so well. After my failed attempt to visit Bran Castle yesterday I successfully went with my new Australian friend and we even saw Rasnov as well. I mean granted Bran is very over hyped and Rasnov was basically closed for the winter, but still.

Bran castle is nice, but it’s not quite what you expect it to be. I was expecting something huge and imposing but like many before me I found it a little underwhelming. Okay it’s hardly a one bedroom flat, but it doesn’t actually look that massive. There was also construction works going on around done of the outside walls of the castle which kind of ruined the illusion, but from certain angles it was really pretty.

Despite the fact that Bran castles main modern claim to fame is Dracula in reality the…

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Days 20-21 Bucharest and Sofia

Europe via Bus


I’d heard a lot of bad things about Bucharest from Romanians and non-Romanians alike, but it wasn’t that bad. The old town is pretty nice (although it’s too big and commercial to have the same appeal as Brasov) and if you’re into clubbing it’s definitely a good place to go. A Romanian girl in my room went out every night I was there and she seemed to have a great time; she kept trying to encourage the rest of the room to come but the first night I was too dead from the endless walking with the giant backpack and I was pretty exhausted for the rest of Bucharest as a result.

I went on the Bucharest walkabout tour on the second day. We learned about an old and famous restaurant which is located in what used to be a popular trading area, we saw one of Vlad the…

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Days 16-18: Brasov, Romania

Europe via Bus

Let’s pick up where we left off in Brasov, Romania.


Brasov is beautiful. There is more in Brasov apart from the Old Town and when I walked through on the way to the (wrong) bus station I saw that it had tower blocks and ugly streets just like everywhere else, but the city center is really, really nice. People aren’t lying when they say it’s a medieval city. I mean it has a McDonald’s and an Orange shop and everything you’d expect to see but man. Some of the buildings are amazing.

The city is surrounded by forest filled mountains and at the top of one of them is a big Hollywood style that says Brasov in huge white letters. Apparently the mountains are filled with wolves, bears, and birds but it’s also a really popular place for hiking in the summer. The mountains also get covered with mist and…

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