I’ve gone legit!

Hello everyone,

I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting you lately, but I promise I have good reasons. During the last month I’ve been applying to study an M.A, I’ve been to Croatia annnd I’ve created a legit blog with my very own domain! I got my domain from biz.nf which gives you your own WordPress domain for free!
web hosting

I’m still going to post on this blog, but if you have a moment it would be amazing if you could go and check out my new blog and maybe save it to your favorites. It is primarily a travel blog with better versions of my old entries, and it will soon be stuffed full of new content including details of my trips to Crete, France, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia. I’m also going to a few other places before uni starts so I’m planning on filling it full of interesting and exciting things :).


Happy new year!

Happy new year to all you bloggers, followers and random passers by. I for one am psyched for 2016, but was not in any particular hurry to leave 2015 behind. 2015 was a good year for me; I went to Rome (first time I had been abroad for 7 years!), started this blog (which now has 529 followers!), became far better at cooking and finally started to develop some sort of ‘plan’ for the immediate and not so immediate future. I have a lot of plans, many resolutions (cutting down on Netflix is pretty high on the list) and some anxieties about the coming year, but I am really excited for this year and I hope you are too!
Stay tuned for more lazy vegetarian meal ideas, more reviews, more articles and hopefully far more travel blogging and photography, but for now I would like to wish you all good luck with your hangovers (have some juice) and a very happy new year. Bring on 2016!


Disclaimer: Sadly the picture does not belong to me, but isn’t it pretty?