I’ve gone legit!

Hello everyone,

I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting you lately, but I promise I have good reasons. During the last month I’ve been applying to study an M.A, I’ve been to Croatia annnd I’ve created a legit blog with my very own domain! I got my domain from biz.nf which gives you your own WordPress domain for free!
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I’m still going to post on this blog, but if you have a moment it would be amazing if you could go and check out my new blog and maybe save it to your favorites. It is primarily a travel blog with better versions of my old entries, and it will soon be stuffed full of new content including details of my trips to Crete, France, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia. I’m also going to a few other places before uni starts so I’m planning on filling it full of interesting and exciting things :).


The dark side of Australia’s history

Slightly darker reflections on Australia posted on my travel blog.


I’m staying in a place with a TV! Not wifi mind you, but a TV which has around 20 ever repeating  channels. I hadn’t seen any TV programmes since being here until the day before yesterday, and whilst it’s been nice for the evenings I miss Netflix and the internet like hell. When did TV get so terrible? When they realised no one watches it anymore? Who knows.

Anyway, last night I did see a good programme. It was a televised debate on ‘whether racism is destroying the Australian dream’, and as an English person who doesn’t know a lot about how it is here, it was really interesting. We have similar debates, although with different wording, in the UK.

I’ve always kind of assumed Australia was a pretty racist place. I guess coming from London, which is thankfully quite diverse and mostly cohesive, and the fact that when I’ve…

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I’m in Australia! I have a separate travel blog, so if you’re interested and like the pictures below take a look at https://theflyingvegetarian.wordpress.com





Gold coast

More coming soon. Just to think two weeks ago I was working in my office


I’m in Australia!


I’m currently in Australia! I’m going to be concentrating on travel blogging and enjoying the sun for the next six weeks, so this site may be a little quiet for a while as I am going to be posting most of my travel stuff (and trust me, there will be a lot) on my other blog. My other blog is theflyingvegetarian.WordPress.com so please check it out to make sure I’m still alive 🙂


The Scottish borderlands

I’ve been on holiday for the past few days in a Scottish border town called Yarrow.

Where I stayed literally had about five houses spread out across miles of fields, and it was completely surrounded by countryside, cows and hills. I’ve only ever lived in cities and am quite the londoner at heart, so the whole thing was a bit of a culture shock and I did wonder how someone could live that far away from people and buildings all the time without going a little mad, although I’m sure it does have its own benefits. The house I was staying in also happened to be attached to a cemetery and a church that had been around since at least the 1600s, so that combined with the endless nature was a little unnerving for me and I am pretty sure I heard some of the ghosts talking to each other at night. The cemetery was disturbingly compelling during the day and had some really interesting symbols on the graves (some that were also rather disturbing), but I don’t think I’ll be buying any cemetery adjacent houses anytime soon.

It was an awesome trip in spite of the ghosts though, I’ve never seen that much nature (and sheep!) before in my life and although it has definitely reinforced the fact that the UK is pretty un-populated and could easily increase their population without any real issues, it was a very unique experience and was incredibly beautiful. See below for some  photos of the Scottish Borderlands


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